Imagine, a person sitting in front of a computer every day of their life, papers crumpled, coffee stains everywhere, the same old clothes, and a messy room but their eyes and the fingers with which they type, are faster than the judgment you just formed in your brain about them. They are superheroes.

Behind every superhero, there is a tech support
                                                       –George Gene Gustines

If that is so, then why do they look so messy and that too without an ounce of elegance in their body? Aren’t superheroes meant to be perfect?
The above way is one way to see them. However, let me show you this differently so that a new perspective can come to light.

The superheroes of the 21st century 

That’s what is definable in this 21st century.

Ask me why? Okay, you asked, they are the future of the world. The world is more digital today than it has ever been. We inhale a post and exhale a comment in a matter of seconds.
In the world of the internet which is not too far from the real world, superheroes exist and the only thing they need is a brain, a curious brain.
They could be a learner, an explorer, a navigator, or a trailblazer, and this is not an innate quality, it is acquired through learning and consistent hard work.

Are you worried that even if information and technology have been an indispensable part of our life, your child could be brainwashed by the internet?

How about we walk them towards the positive side of the internet. That side is where superheroes are built. And what is that, you ask?

For instance, Ever heard of ethical hackers?

Just like superheroes, they save the world of internet from the crimes. Similarly, Artificial intelligence?
A human-controlling robot, that’s some cool power to show off.

A threat, cybercrime is going on what shall we do?
Don’t worry, cyber police to the rescue, “we will protect you and also teach you to protect yourselves.

In summary, a person sitting in front of a computer is just, a person, a simple human.
Although nobody knows their identity, they will help the world anyway and any day.

Therefore, why not choose an individual perspective to define your superhero.

What’s your take on this?
Who do you call the superhero of the 21st century?

Write your answers in the comment below!!

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