Welcome to Digi School Global!

Digi School, a pioneer tech based education establishment, strives to provide global standard Information Technology skills through an interesting and interactive curriculum to school children.

At a time when face to face learning is not possible for the foreseeable future because of the pandemic situation, easy accessibility through online class using an affordable, friendly and fun initiating platform goes a long way to resolve parents concern about equipping children with technical skills.

Digi School, a first of its kind, online learning platform developed by Nepali entrepreneurs in strategic academic partnerships with Softwarica College of IT & E-commerce and Sunway International Business School – SIBS – Kathmandu, has been introduced in Nepal. During the past four months of government enforced lockdown, Digi -School has trained and supported more than 500+ school/teachers with free online training on ‘Conducting Online Classes’. Within this period, partnerships with 20+ schools to deliver this course in Nepal have been formally agreed. Digi- School is laying the groundwork to train over 50,000 students in 2 months time through our web based platform. Further expansion to Asian countries is on cards after reaching a targeted milestone within Nepal. This will carry not just our brand image but the country as a whole in the international community.

Digi School invites all schools and school children within the territory of Nepal and beyond to register and become a part of this initiation to equip our children with 21st century Information Technology skills for transforming them into digitally savvy, informed and responsible global citizens.

Vision & Mission

✔ To enhance and uplift the IT awareness, skills and education amongst the children of Nepal
✔ To contribute in the overall development of Nepal through technology awareness and digital transformation.
✔ To Create strong technology base for future generations and contribute in developing IT sector in Nepal
✔ To provide digital technology education through school partnership

Benefits to Partner Schools 

☑ Digi Scholarship for Higher Education to the alumni of our Partner Schools.
☑ Digi Activity Calendar to improve and enhance the students and teaching performance.
☑ Academic and Technical Support.
☑ Co-branding and Promotion to establish our Partner School as Smart School in its community.
☑ E-learning Materials to School students.
☑ Authorization Certificate from Digi School and NCC education to be displayed and promote UK blended education curriculum in the school.
☑ Free School Management Software to support School operation and Management.

☑ Computing Tutorial Videos Basic to Advance Level.
☑ Coding Tutorial Videos Basic to Advance Level
☑ Free Computing Videos
☑ UK Computing Programs.
☑ Online Teaching Support and Teacher Training.
☑ School Management Software.

Benefits to Learners  

☑ Streamlined Tutorial videos to learn IT from Basic to Advance  level.
☑ Inclusion of Computer Programming Language Scratch Python and Java in the course curriculum.
☑. The course linked with tutorial support via chat, email and live sessions
☑ The course assessment activities for evaluations.
☑ Technical skills learning to use the tools for photo video and sound editing.
☑ Course completion certificate in each stage.
☑ Opportunity to participate in Global Tech Competition for Kids in USA, UK, Australia, Singapore.
☑ High demand, Skill based Course Curriculum to be job ready at your early age
☑ Scholarship opportunity local and international education institutions. 

Benefits to Parents 

☑ Digi Course Support the kids to sustain live and compete in the Computer driven World.
☑ Digi course includes learning of different programming language which helps kids to develop logical and analytical skills.
☑ Digi Course inspire kids to be creative, making the games on their own, photo and sound editing topics  to enhance their creative skills.
☑ Digi Course incorporates and make kids understand on Online Safety,  and Data privacy which help parents to protect their child from cybercrime and cyber bullying 
☑ Digi Skilled oriented curriculum helps to develop competitive advantage in the field of technology which certainly add value in the kids future.
☑ Easy admission procedure which in fact easy for parents to start the course any time anywhere.
☑ Unlike the conventional mode of result deceleration Parents do not need to wait to see their child’s progress.
☑ Digi Course do not require the parents to drive to particular location parents can set up the class for their kids with computer and internet where parents can get back to their busy schedule very well knowing that their kid is getting the required personalized support they need. 



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