Internet and technology are powerful assets that we have today,

 why not make the most of them?

For context, the national curriculum for computing (NCC) is an exam board and a global provider of British Education in Computing and Business specializing in developing IT and Business qualifications from primary to postgraduate level. Digi is a suite of primary and secondary school computing programs developed by NCC Education.


On diving further into the topic, NCC directs its vision towards applying the fundamental principles and concepts of computer science, including
abstraction, logic, algorithms, and data representation, and the importance of this vision is recognized by Digischool so the conceptual idea of 21st-century superheroes is brought into the light. A pursuit of providing IT literacy to children from an early age and shaping the ‘IT mindset’ from the beginning of their childhood will benefit them in today’s competitive world.


Today, the need of bridging the gap between education and global demand is sincerely acknowledged by Digischool and it strongly believes in the importance of digital education and a core understanding of computer science in the 21st century which is designed to meet the needs of students and with this vision, Digischool has four interesting programs/courses based on the NCC curriculum covering primary and secondary school computing education. The courses route, called Digi Route are: 


(International General Certificate of Secondary Education

Digi Award (Age 14 above)

Digi Trailblazers ( Age 11-13)

Digi Navigators ( Age 9-10)

Digi Explorers (Age 6-8)

Digischool Teacher and Student book comprise 30 lessons. The equivalent of an International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is obtained with the Digi Level 2 Award. This is the final fourth key stage of the curriculum.



Key stage 1


For grades 1-2

Programming language taught


Contains 2 books with 30 lessons each.

Course summary:

The concept of ‘Explorers’ is to tour or take a survey of the IT world, it is the first stage to mold a student’s mindset, make them use of their senses, and get used to it.

The basic foundation is paved here by teaching them from scratch.

Creating Digital citizenship, and handling data are some of the content of stage 1.







Key stage 2


For grades 3-6

Programming language taught


Contains 4 books with 30 lessons each.

Course summary:

The concept of ‘Navigators’ is to find a way to adapt to the IT world. The explorers inside students are still on the quest here as the same content can be found here with the addition of some others like computer gaming, programming simulations, and so on in stage 2.


                                       Key stage 3

         For grades 7-9

         Programming language taught

-Python and scratch

         Contains 3 books with 30 lessons each.

Course summary:

The concept ‘Trailblazers ‘is to innovate or pioneer an idea from the learning acquired from stages 1 and 2. This stage encourages students to apply the learning from stages 1, 2, and 3 to design and develop computer programs, explore computer logic, computational thinking, and so on.

                  Level 2 Award

                    Key stage 4


         For grades 10-12

        Programming Language taught

-Python and Java

       Contains 2 books with 30 lessons each.

Course summary:

This is the final stage of the courses. The difficulty level increases with the increase in level. This level provides the IGCSC certificate of completion as an award to motivate and appreciate students’ hard work and dedication. This stage is where coding is learned with others like cloud computing, developing computer programs, online collaboration software, and so on.


 In the nutshell, the NCC-UK IT course is a need of the 21st century and will be an inevitable part of a student’s life. Digischool focus is on empowering the student’s mind to a whole new field of possibilities. Since students have a curious mind, this course is just what a curious mind needs.

Make your student a superhero from an early age.