What is a 21st-century skillset?

Skills are the way to living. Skillsets for survival change according to the time. While hunting and gathering were important skills to our forefathers. Communication, military, basic reading writing, farming and were some skills to prevail in the 20th century. The demands of the 21st have changed and newer skills to prevail have been added. So what is a 21st-century skillset?

Making them ready for the global environment from early age and comfort of your home is what 21st-century skillset is.

The 21st-century skills are a collection broad set of knowledge, skills, work habits, and character traits that are believed to be critically important to success in today’s world or the age of information. The skills for 21st century are:-
Learning Skills: – What are learning skills? | Thoughtful Learning K-12

a. Critical Thinking Learning skills of the 21st century include left-brain activities such as analyzing, compare and contrast, arguing, evaluating, and problem-solving which gives a capability for children to clearly understand and analyze a situation to properly apprehend any situation.

b. Creative Thinking. The right brain activities such as brainstorming, creating, designing, imagining, questioning, and innovation all which are all responsible for enabling open-end invention and discovery.

c. Collaborating Collaboration skills are the skills that enable children to work in a group. Goal setting, time management, team building, leadership, and delegating are some of the basic collaboration skills required in every life from school, social activities, sports, and business or as an employees

d. Communicating Reading, speaking to listening to evaluate the message, situation, and understanding the core idea of the situation in order to reflect back with a suitable response.
2.Literacy Skills:-

a. Information Literacy

With access to an abundance of sources for information like magazines, blogs, vlogs, agencies, and books at the fingertips it’s easier to access any information with just a few clicks. In the modern days, the challenge isn’t finding the source but skills on accessing, verifying, and apply the facts to produce important results. What are learning skills? | Thoughtful Learning K-12

It’s about knowing the difference of when to choose a book over internet and vice versa. The capability to verify information found, making critical judgement based on the information found in the 21st century information literacy skill. Information Literacy: the 21st Century Skills (slideshare.net)

b. Media Literacy Why all 21st-century educators must teach media literacy & how | Stories | South Carolina ETV (scetv.org)

Media literacy helps children understand and identify the credible source of different media platforms. This helps one acknowledge biases in media and be responsible creators of media.

c. Technology Literacy Technology Literacy | Iowa Core

Life around 21st century revolves around technology. Technology of every shape and size. Any innovation or invention is related to technology. It is important for children to have deep knowledge about the technological concepts in order to deal with technical challenges and implications.
3. Life skills: – All the above-mentioned skillset act as foundation to create life skills such as flexibility, initiative, Social Skills, Productivity and Leadership.