Benefits to Students

☑ Streamlined Tutorial videos to learn accredited UK computing curriculum from Basic to Advanced level.

☑ Develop programming skills with Scratch, Python and Java in the course curriculum.

☑ Develop logical and critical thinking abilities for problem solving skills.

☑ Learn about online safety.

☑ Learn courses with tutor support via chat, email, videos, handouts, presentations and live sessions.

☑ High demand, skill based, relevant course curriculum to be job ready at your early age.

☑ Gain multimedia expertise especially in photo, video and sound editing.

☑ Course assessment activities for evaluations.

☑ Course completion certificate in each stage.

☑ Opportunity to participate in Local and Global Tech Competitions.

☑ Experience various workshops and webinars with skilled IT experts.

☑ Scholarship opportunity at local and international education institutions.