Authorization Certificate 

Partner school will get authorization Certificate from Digi School and NCC education to be displayed and promote UK blended education curriculum in the school.

Scholarships opportunities 

Digi Scholarship will be provided for Higher Education to the alumni students of our Partner School. Students will be provided with various scholarship opportunities within the sister companies of DigiSchool. Plus, there are hundreds of scholarships available for high school ! So, discover the opportunities waiting for your students.

Cobranding and Promotion 

Cobranding and Promotion to establish our Partner School as Smart School in its community. Partner school  will also get NCC (UK) branding and use its logo for the marketing purpose by which they can increase the brand image of their institutions.

Opportunity to Participate in Various Competition 

School students will get the opportunity to participating in various Digischool and global competitions which will provide them platform to showcase students talent.

Course Integration

Easy integration of course as primary or additional Computer curriculum from class 1- 12. Digi course is basically focuses on the age group between 5-15 which shows the emphasis on primary level we initially aim for as we know if root is strong plant grows out in perfect manner what we all should be focusing right now in the context of digital education.

Academic and Technical Support

Digi school provides academic and technical support to improve and enhance the students and teaching performance. Teachers training will be performed by highly experienced trainers to deliver the course effectively with the supplementary material for teachers for the course delivery.

School Management Software 

Free Basic School Management Software to support School operation and Management with features like: student management, result generation, classroom management, HR management, academic year management, announcement and notification system via email and sms.

Annual Activities 

Digi Activity Calendar with various events at individual schools. Regular school visits to ensure effective delivery of course and maintain quality of the course.