Benefits to Parents

☑ Digi Course supports the kids to sustain live and compete in the Computer driven World.

☑ Digi course includes learning of different programming language which helps kids to develop logical and analytical skills.

☑ Digi Course inspires kids to be creative; making games on their own, enhancing photo, video and sound editing skills.

☑ Digi Course incorporates topics on Online Safety and Data privacy helping parents to protect their child from cybercrime and cyber bullying.

☑ Digi Skill oriented curriculum helps to develop competitive advantage in the field of technology bridging the gap between school level and university education.

☑ Easy admission procedure for enrolling in the course which is available anytime, anywhere with internet connection

☑ Unlike the conventional mode of result declaration, parents do not need to wait to see their child’s progress.

☑ Progress sharing with regular virtual parent’s teachers meeting for those who study live classes.