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Who we are?

Digi is brought to you by NCC Education.

Originally part of the National Computing Centre, NCC Education was established as a computing initiative by the British Government in 1966. Today, NCC Education is an exam board and a global provider of British education in Computing and Business. The head office is situated in Manchester, UK.

Working with an international network of schools, centers and universities, NCC Education provides students with access to high-quality British education through a combination of classroom-based and distance learning programmes.

Digi is a suite of primary and secondary school Computing programmes developed by NCC Education and launched in 2017.

What are the benefits?

Benefits to Students

Streamlined Tutorial videos to learn accredited UK computing curriculum from Basic to Advanced level.

Develop programming skills with Scratch, Python and Java in the course curriculum.

Develop logical and critical thinking abilities for problem solving skills.

Benefits to Partner Schools

Authorization Certificate from Digi School and NCC education to be displayed and promote UK blended education curriculum in the school.

Easy integration of course as primary or additional Computer curriculum from class 1- 12. 

Digi Scholarship opportunities.

Benefits to Parents

Digi Course supports the kids to sustain live and compete in the Computer driven World.

Digi course includes learning of different programming language which helps kids to develop logical and analytical skills.

Supplementary material for teachers to deliver the course.

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Courses that we offer

We Digi School provide lucrative of courses that is basically designed for the smart kids.

Digi Explorers


Is for Primary school students of grade 1 and 2 where they will be practicing and introducing fundamentals of Computational

Digi Navigators


Is for young learners of grade 3-6 where they will be learning about next level coding using Python Programming Language

Digi Trailblazers


Is for secondary school students of grade 7-9 where they became more digitally literate also students are introduced to advanced

Level 2 Award


Digi Award is the highest level for secondary school students of grade 10-12 in where they will be practicing computing

Data Science Advanced: Short Course


Understanding the theory behind Data Science and the methodologies that can be applied, will enable you to apply a forward-looking

Data Science Expert: Short Course


Understanding the theory behind Data Science and the methodologies that can be applied, will enable you to apply a forward-looking

Cyber Security: Short Course


Participants will gain knowledge of the fundamental principles, underlying theory and practical skills employed in securing information and networks. Overview

Computer Basics: Short Course


An introduction to the basic skills required in using word processors, spreadsheets and presentation software. Overview Our Short Course in

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